How not to overeat whilst working from home



workng from home COVID19


  1. Pack your lunch - if you normally take a packed lunch with you to work then keep doing this. Having your lunch prepared and ready to go will help you stay in your normal routine.

  2. Have set break times - Schedule in time for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and make sure you stick to them.

  3. Water - you may find that you’re no longer drinking as much water as you used to. Keep a bottle with you on your desk. Sometimes we can think we are hungry when in fact we are dehydrated, so keep up your fluids.

  4. Mindfulness - a lot of the time we can eat for reasons other than true hunger. For example, out of boredom, stress or coping with unpleasant emotions. Taking a moment to check in with yourself before eating to gauge if you truly are hungry is a great habit to get in. This can help stop you from mindlessly grazing all day.

  5. Separation - if you find that you're constantly ending up in front of the fridge, then getting outside for a quick walk or some sunshine is a great way to remove yourself from the situation. If you are not truly hungry then you won’t feel the need to eat once you are back inside. 

  6. Being prepared can be the key to helping you stay on track, our dietitians can provide you with a personalised meal guide, just give us a call to make an appointment 94943790.