Hardy Nutrition can provide you with a detailed report on how your current eating habits shape up. Are you eating the right amount of kilojoules for your metabolism? Are you meeting your daily recommended nutrient intake?

One of the biggest roadblocks that gets in the way of living healthily is not knowing exactly what food we put into our mouths each day, and that's where a food diary can help.

If you think this doesn't apply to you, try the following exercise: spend a few minutes thinking back over the past week and write down all the food you ate and everything you drank in that time.

We're betting you won't get all that far with this first attempt at a food diary.


nutrient analysis


How to access your food diary nutrient analysis report:

  1. Once you have completed payment please complete your 5 day food diary. (If you have an iPhone please download and use the Easy Diet Diary app to complete your food log, other smartphone users can use the MyFitnessPal app).  Click here for more tips on how to complete a food diary.
  2. Please email us copy of your completed 5 day food diary.

  3. You will receive email confirmation once we have received your completed food diary.

  4. Your nutrient analysis report will then be emailed to you within 2-3 business days.